Cosmetic Dermatology

Our board-certified dermatologists treat acne, age spots, deep wrinkles, hair loss, frown lines and more from our clinics in Cheyenne or Wellington. We can often see you within 24 hours of you booking an appointment; no referral necessary. Schedule your consult with Dr. Seitz today!

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Each consult begins with a simple question:

What’s bothering you about your skin?”

Whether you’re concerned about crow’s feet, fretting over frown lines, or ready to say goodbye to spider veins, we’ll work together to find a solution that produces the best results.

Our cosmetic dermatology services are outlined below; click on each treatment option to learn more.


Restore your youthful glow and transform the skin you’re in! Our Cheyenne and Wellington clinics both offer minimally invasive treatments that produce maximum results.

CO2 Resurfacing

Chemical Peels

Botox / Dysport ®


PRP Hair Restoration

Leg & Facial Veins

We use safe, top-of-the-line techniques to quickly eliminate bothersome and painful spider veins.

Laser Treatment


Skin Care

Our effective, highly potent products are specially formulated to protect and improve your skin. Visit us in Cheyenne or Wellington to see the complete line and discover which products are right for you.

Clear Defense SPF 45 sunscreen

HQRA+ serum

Retinoic Acid (0.05%) cream

NeutralEyes eye cream

Perfect your skin. Protect your health.

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