Acne and rosacea: How to know when it’s time to see a pro

Want to know one of the most common things we hear from our patients?

I wish I’d have come in sooner!” 

We hear it from teenagers, who’ve spent two years trying every acne treatment on the shelves—then started seeing clearer skin just months after having a personalized consult with Dr. Seitz and starting a customized skin care routine. 

We hear it from patients who feel like they’re in a never-ending battle to manage rosacea, only to consult with Dr. Seitz  and learn a myriad of new solutions to calm the redness and tame their skin’s triggers. 

Here’s why it’s worth it—and how you’ll know it’s time—to bring your skin concerns to the pros at Seitz Dermatology. 


It’s about creating clearer skin.

At Seitz Dermatology, we have the real-world equivalent of a skincare magic wand: Experienced dermatologists! We’ve seen (and successfully treated) acne in pre-teens, teenagers and adults, customizing treatment plans and skincare routines to soothe and clear even the most severe and painful acne. 

It’s time to come and see us about your acne if:

  • Your acne is deep and painful (often called “cystic acne”)
  • Your breakouts clear up, but leave dark spots or pitting behind
  • Your breakouts have extended down to your chest and shoulders


It’s about calming redness and managing flare-ups. 

Often, rosacea is triggered by environmental factors; things as simple as eating spicy food or being outside on a particularly sunny day. Though some patients find success in managing their rosacea by limiting their exposure to their unique “triggers,” it’s time to come and see us about your rosacea if:

  • Your rosacea is new or, if you’ve had it a while, has increased in severity
  • You’ve had rosacea for awhile and you’re noticing your eyes are red and/or swollen 
  • You begin to notice more visible blood vessels on your face


It’s time to bring in the pros.   

We’re here to help—and the sooner we see you, the sooner you’ll see results.
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