When should you take a child or teen to the dermatologist?

As Dr. Seitz shares: The sooner, the better! Even if your child or teen’s skin condition is mild, early treatment has a major impact on long-term results. 

Listen in as Dr. Seitz explains: 

  • The importance of addressing pediatric skin issues sooner rather than later 
  • Long-term risks of waiting to treat acne
  • A key point about the social and psychological impacts of visible skin conditions


More about pediatric dermatology 

You’ve learned that, in the case of pediatric skin conditions, it’s best to visit your dermatologist sooner than later. Did you know there are unique advantages of seeing a dermatologist (vs. a pediatrician) for skin conditions? Click here to find out why, or read about how we create a customized care plan to fit each patient’s lifestyle and needs


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