Winter and Laser Treatments: A Perfect Match

Around this time of year, we start to hear our patients lament the pale, pasty state of their skin.

What they don’t realize is, in this season of long sleeves and limited sun exposure, they’ve actually been priming their skin to be in its best condition for laser treatments!
(Just one more reason to avoid tanning. And tanning beds. We’re dermatologists… we have to say it!)

So, why is winter the best time of year to schedule laser treatments? We’re glad you asked!

There are two reasons.


One: Lasers do their best work on minimally pigmented skin.

If you’re going to invest in laser treatments, don’t you want to ensure you’re getting the best results? We thought so.

There’s a measurable difference between the results of laser treatments performed on tanned skin and the results of laser treatments performed on lighter, untanned skin. This time of year, when your skin is at its least pigmented, is when lasers do their best work.


Two: Skin heals faster in the winter.

Exposure to the sun slows the healing process, so your recovery time (as well as your ability to see results) takes longer during sunnier parts of the year. In winter, when we’re naturally inside and have our skin covered up more, skin can recover from laser treatments most efficiently.

At Seitz Dermatology, we offer different types of laser treatments to create the results you want. These include:

Nd YAG: High-intensity light penetrates deep inside your skin tissue to create tighter and smoother-looking skin. Nd YAG is ideal for minimizing the appearance of tiny veins, laser hair removal, and lightening some types of raised brown spots.

CO2: Customizable in both intensity and depth to treat surface, middle and deep skin levels. CO2 is ideal for treating fine lines, evening out skin tone/texture, treating sun damage and eliminating age spots.

IPL: Refreshes skin and creates a smooth, youthful look by fading sun spots, toning down generalized facial redness and treating uneven pigmentation.

Sublative: Similar to lasers, but this option uses infrared light. Ideal for treating acne scars, mild to moderate wrinkles/fine lines, and smoothing your overall skin texture.


Before performing any laser treatment, you’ll need a consult with Dr. Seitz to  determine which particular laser best suits your needs. (And you can read all about what a typical consult looks like right here.)

Let’s get you in for your laser treatment before the short window of ideal treatment time is closed! To set up a consult today, fill out our contact form here.