When (and why) to schedule a skin cancer screening

Hmm,” you think to yourself. “This mole on my shoulder looks darker than normal.”

That’s unusual,” you observe. “I’ve never seen that spot on my forearm before.”

If either of these scenarios sound familiar, it’s time to schedule a skin cancer screening with us.  (Screenings happen much more often than you’d think; Dr. Seitz does at least one screening each day!) 

Straight from Dr. Seitz, find out: 

  • How to tell if it’s time to schedule a screening
  • The benefits of getting your skin cancer screening sooner than later
  • What happens if we do find skin cancer during your screening appointment

What can you expect at your skin cancer screening appointment?  

Dr. Greg Seitz tells you all about it here!

To schedule your skin cancer screening at Seitz Dermatology, call (307) 635-8299.