Top Three Tips for a Successful Cosmetic Consultation

Your appointment is booked.

Your calendar (digital or otherwise) is marked.

Let’s make your upcoming cosmetic consultation as productive and successful as possible!

Here are three insider tips for a successful consult visit, straight from board-certified dermatologist Dr. Greg Seitz.


“Be prepared to talk about what bothers you about your appearance. Be open and honest.”

When you sit down for your consult, one of the first questions Dr. Seitz will ask is, “What do you want to fix?”

That’s a big question, isn’t it?

If you’re not prepared, it might even catch you a little off guard!

Before your appointment, Dr. Greg Seitz recommends that you take some time to sit down and really evaluate what’s bothering you about your appearance.

Get as specific as you can with your concerns: What made you decide it was time for a consult? Are visible red veins on your face making you feel self conscious? Do you skip out on wearing shorts because of bothersome spider veins? Are those “smile lines” you see in the mirror giving you cause to frown?

Gather up your concerns, as well as an idea of your ideal end result, and bring them with you to your appointment. The more open and honest you are about what you’re hoping to achieve, the easier it’ll be for Dr. Seitz to find the best solution.


“Know your budget. Cosmetic services don’t always have to be expensive.”

It might just be one of the industry’s best-kept secrets: You don’t have to completely obliterate your budget to get quality cosmetic services!

If you have a specific (realistic!) budget threshold, let Dr. Seitz know early on in the consult. This will help him zero in on specific options that fit best with your finances.

Certainly, you’ll have more options available when you’re working with a larger budget, but there are still some less-spendy services you can begin to invest in if you’re working with a smaller number initially.


“Have reasonable expectations.”

Oh, if only cosmetic services worked like magic! You could come in for your consultation with a description of your desired results, Dr. Seitz would wave a magic wand across your skin, and poof! Instantly, all your skin’s problems would be fixed.

Although there have been tremendous advances in the world of cosmetic services and the results they can produce, we’re still not quite at magic-wand level.

That said, come in to your consult with reasonable expectations.

Even minor concerns may require more than one treatment/session to achieve your desired result. You may also require a longer downtime than expected after certain services are performed, or you may need to take into account special precautions  — such as staying completely out of the sun.

If you keep these three expert tips in mind, you’ll be all set for a great consult. Click here to fill out our contact form and schedule your cosmetic consult appointment today!