Mohs Surgery: What to expect

Once we’ve decided you’re a candidate for Mohs surgery, it’s time to begin preparing for the big day. 

As you’ll learn in the video below, your prep for Mohs surgery is very minimal! Listen in to find out: 

  • How much time to plan to take off work
  • How long the Mohs surgery procedure will take 
  • What happens when you arrive at our office on your surgery day
  • What to expect during and after Mohs surgery
  • When you’ll be able to remove your surgical dressing



More about Mohs surgery 

We sat down with Dr. Seitz to get all the answers you need about Mohs surgery, from when Mohs surgery is appropriate to what makes Mohs surgery different. 

To learn more, or to schedule a Mohs surgery consultation, please call our office at (307) 635-8299.